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Check Out Dave Marcis: Nascar's Last Winning Engine Builder/Driver

Look For Us September 29-30 At The Ohio Mile

Ohio Mile 4-28-12

                                                 April 2012: Hot Rod magazine Top Speed Challenge

                  We arrived in Wilmington Ohio on April 27th 2012 for safety inspection. The weather was nice but cool.

                  With very few snags we passed through the process. We were ready for the run. Every speed car was

                  limited to a rookie pass below the 175 MPH threshold. With 175 competitors we did not expect more than

                  a couple of runs per day. The wind was howling, the skies opened up and time started to disappear. Things

                  started to look bleak for the weekend. Finally the rain stopped and the wind along with some cars on track

                 dried the racing surface. Dave completed his rookie run and immediately returned to the line to wait. The first

                 class we tried to establish a record in was A, that is what we were in the fall of last year. That is: A/GCT, A

                 Class in Gas Circle Track cars. The motor in A class has to be between 440 and 500.99 cid. Our naturally

                 aspirated single carb 358 falls well under that. Our number 9771 ran 215.0833 on the first attempt at full speed.  

                Unfortunately it was our last of the day. On Sunday Dave wanted to establish records in a couple of other

                classes. We registered for the B/GCT (373 to 439.99 cid), well over our motor, and ran 216.5384. Rains came

                and stopped the show again. After a couple of hours we were ready to run. Dave moved up one more class,

                with our same 358 and single carb to the C/GCT (306 to 372.99 cid). The car ran 217.6193 for our second and

                final run of Sunday. A clean, safe and fun time was had by all. We are very blessed to be able to compete and

                enjoy time with our friends, old and new. The venue brought a lot of new spectators out to the track. The

               ECTA should be commended for organizing an event of this size at a new track that was seamless. We all look

               forward to our next event in September where we continue to chase the elusive speed.

                                                     The following action shots are courtesy of David Whealon








Maxton Mile 10-29-11

We arrived to cold and damp weather on the 28th. The rains came Saturday morning and lingered

until 10. The track was dry and clear by 12. Our goal was to back-up our previous speed of 205mph.

The standing record in our circle track class was 205.3mph. Our first run out of the box we ran 209mph.

Our second and final run of the day was 212mph. On Sunday with a few changes to ride heights, tire pressure,

nose skirt, and the way Dave drove the run a speed of 214mph was achieved. The final run with a few more

small changes the car ran 216.14mph. It was an exciting weekend with challenges and surprises. We all had a

great time meeting new and passionate speed people. We look forward to continuing to chase the speed in

events to come. Our friends at ECTA should be commended for a safe and fun weekend. There are so many

opportunities to get out and show your stuff on the track. We are glad we were able to participate in this one.


The following action shots are courtesy of David Whealon


Maxton Mile 9-24-11